Tree Shear

skid pro Tree Shear

The Skid-Steer Tree Shear has many advantages.


  • Massive 5” x 12” cylinder w/ 2.5” rod delivers 12” cut capacity
  • XL 14” jaw opening gives operator easier access to trees
  • AR400 blade is extra wide for added strength and durability
  • Top & bottom splitter wedges deliver a faster & cleaner cut
  • 90° rotation for vertical cutting and pruning of tree limbs
  • Head rotation available in both manual or hydraulic models

Standard Features

  • HD shear boasts a 12” tree cutting capacity & delivers over 30+ tons of shearing force
  • 5” x 12” 3000 psi industrial cylinder boasts 2.50” rod & 1.50” pins of 1045 hardened steel
  • Extra wide, AR400 abrasion resistant blade delivers maximum strength & longevity
  • Versatile shear design allows for both vertical and horizontal cutting (manual or hydraulic)
  • Unique blade design w/ robust splitter wedge controls tree fall direction, felling right of shear
  • Aggressive, double 1” thick jaw plate steel grip and hold the tree securely while shearing
  • 14” wide opening allows the operator to easily slide the shear into cutting position on the tree
  • Near ground, cutting allows a clean finish while clearing large tracts of land
  • Hydraulic rotation available, universal toggle or machine specific wiring harness

Industrial Design

  • Push bar is constructed of 2.50” x 1Ž4” wall round tube steel & incorporates a 5/16” steel mesh
  • 3” blade pivot point diameter & 4” head pivot diameter made of 1045 hardened steel
  • 1” grade 8 jaw bolts to assure perfect alignment of jaws and yield greater strength
  • HD construction delivers an operating weight of over 750 lbs. (hydraulic rotation)

Operator Ease

  • 90 degree rotating head for vertical cutting of firewood or tree limb trimming
  • HD push bar with steel mesh allows for tree guidance & safety while maintaining visibility
  • Rotating head allows for fallen trees to be easily cut to length for loading and firewood


  • Hydraulic rotation option allows rotation w/o leaving cab
  • Machine specific wire harness or universal toggle available

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